Friday, May 22, 2009

Witch Doctor

In our house I am frequently being to referred to as the witch doctor. Now I am not casting spells or doing voodoo of any kind. But when my kids our sick I have an unconventional way of treating them and I believe in a lot of preventive maintenance. Don't get me wrong I do believe medicines have there place and would certainly use them if I felt like they were needed. I just like to go the vitamin and herb route first. That being said I thought I would share the various vitamins and herbs that we use in our house. We purchase most of our vitamins from Swanson vitamins online or our chiropractor.

Vitamins Adult

Jason and I both take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Mine is a prenatal(since I am always pregnant or nursing).

We also take a Multi Omega 3-6-9 supplement(Swanson brand)

Probiotics(Swanson Brand)

Vitamins Kids

Nordic Naturals Multivitamin and Omega 3 - both of these are gummies and they are organic

Natures way probiotics(click here for info on yeast in your body)

Sickness in addition to a chiropractic adjustment

Elderberry Syrup(sniffles,coughs anything respiratory) by Nature's way or Swanson brand

Nutribiotic Ear Drops w/ tea tree oil and grapefruit extract(earaches or questionable ear infections

Tea Tree oil by itself is also great to put in a pot of boiling water to admit into the air (helps colds or congestion) Do Not Ingest

Jason and I also like Defense Plus by Nutribiotic( take at first sign of illness)

Sometimes things just need to run there coarse and in those cases a humidifier, Vick's plug ins or vapor rub and a mothers love will do the trick

Note* These are just therapies that I have found works through my own personal research and I am in no way prescribing anything. I encourage everyone to research there own therapies.

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