Monday, May 18, 2009


One way in which we try to save money around our house is for me to cut all the boys hair(even the big boy). If you think about it I have four boys who need haircuts roughly once a month. Now if I was to go to a barber/salon I would be paying at least $10 a haircut(that is actually low I think it is about $12-$15) per person. That is $40 a month and if you multiply that by 12 that is $480 dollars a year. That would be a lot of money going out in haircuts. It makes me not feel as guilty going to get my hair done. Sure I could let Jason cut my hair but I don't think that look would be very appealing on me. Anyway I love fresh haircuts on my boys. Caleb's did not turn out as nice this time because half way through he decided he was done. Then I had to hold him down to finish.
We also groom our dog ruffles when he needs a cut. The kit was $29 dollars at Walmart and another $5 for the nail clippers. It cost somewhere around $39 to have him groomed by someone. I would not say that he is fit to show after being groomed but that does not matter to us. I do think we are getting better because this last time he looked cute and it took half the time plus he did not squirm as much.

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