Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Allergy Test

We got Ethan's allergy test back and they are completely negative. Now on one hand I was disappointed because I had hoped that by finding an allergy I could remove it from his diet and see some results with his " ADD/Impulsive problem". On the other hand I am relieved because having an allergy to let say wheat(gluten) or milk(casein) would be a little stressful for it is not easy to remove that from your diet. Plus we eat alot of whole grain foods because it is good for you and I would hate having to start buying white bread or very expensive gluten free bread.

So my next step is going to be doing a yeast test. Give him supplements to kill the yeast and boost the good bacteria he should have in his gut. This is a good idea that anyone should consider doing because most people don't realize that they probably do have yeast in their bellies(which can cause you to crave sugar and other junk food) and need a little boost of the good stuff with probiotics. To be perfectly honest though I don't know that this is going to make a difference with his " ADD/Impulsive" problem because I do not believe he has a problem. Ethan is a typical 7 yr old little boy who struggles with reading , has alot of energy,needs more guidance and stricter punishments for wrong doing, and is being misdiagnosed by his teachers. Don't get me wrong I think teachers are great and respect there job. I do think there are kids out there who do have ADD. I have read stories about there behaviors and maybe they do need some medications to help. Sure Ethan may exhibit a quality or two of these children but overall he does not. I will continue to go down my list and try my different options but in the end if there is no change then there was nothing that needed to change. I guess at that point we will switch schools or home school. I will continue to pray that the Lord gives me guidance and helps me make the right decisions for Ethan's overall well being.


  1. I can say both as a teacher and as a parent that you know your kid better than they do. The only time this is not the case is if the parents are clueless or neglectful, and you guys are not either.

  2. Steph, that is so interesting. You are right though, he's a normal kid, not out of the range of normal at all. YOU HAVE TO READ MY BOOK!

    Keep praying. Maybe God is leading you to something this way.