Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS Day Two

Our Saint of the the day was St. Francis Of Assisi

We made banana bread

For craft they made animal puppets(Ethan's group made bug catchers)

In music we learned another verse to When The Saints Go Marching In and a song about animals

Our story was about St Francis of Assisi
-He grew up as a son of a rich merchant and did not want for anything
- He went to war where he was captured and imprisoned for a year where he became very sick.
This is when he was called from god to serve him and aide the poor.
- He gave up all his worldly items including the clothes on his back to do as God wanted
- He was name the patron saint of animals because of his gentleness with them and because in the village where he lived there was a dangerous wolf which would hurt other animals and small children. This wolf right away took to Francis and became tame.

At the end of the day we gathered in the Mary Garden where we had a blessing of pets. Jason brought Ruffles up to get blessed.

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  1. I cute. So Ruffles is holy now. He should always be a good dog, right!