Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Schedule Madness

When I was at my parents on Sunday we were talking about schedules, calenders and such. My mom made the comment that looking at my calender gives her headache. I would have to agree that to an outsider it must seem a little crazy. In any given month you may look at my calendar and you would see

  1. My work schedule
  2. Jason's work schedule
  3. School schedules ( Ethan, Jude and Jason)
  4. Doctors appointments for four children
  5. Chiropractor appointments for 6 people
  6. Eye doctor appointments
  7. My haircut appointments
  8. Various meetings at church( Holy name society, mops, volunteer work)
  9. Birthday parties
  10. Any other extra activities or gatherings

With that being said I have to to say that I am so thankful for only having to deal with school schedules for three more days. Then it will be off for summer break and hopefully a nice fun filled summer for the kids and a slight break in the schedule madness us.

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