Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Albums

One thing that I have learned over the past years scrapbooking is that I prefer smaller albums. Albums that are dedicated to one specific subject or event. I like the larger 12 x 12 albums but I find them very overwhelming. I now only have 1 12 x 12 album which is a family album. I have smaller albums like birthday books for each kid, school albums and this year I am going to make a summer album.

This is a picture from Ethan's birthday book.

Here is a picture from Jude's birthday book.

This is from Caleb's birthday book.
I have pages made up for these books up to the age of eighteen. I love them because after their birthday I pick a favorite picture and pop it in the album. In one book I will have a glance at every birthday for eighteen years. I don't have Aubrey's album made as of yet but I will post photos when I get it put together.

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