Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS Day Four and Five

Day Four

Our Saint of the day was St. Juan Diego

We made brownies

Our craft was Our Lady of Guadalupe Wind Socks(very cute)

The kids broke open a pinata for activity which was filled with WWJD? bracelets

In music we did a mexican hat dance and practiced our saint song

In our story we learned that St Juan Diego was
- A Mexican peasant
-Virgin Mary appeared to him twice asking him to go to the bishop and have him build a church on that site where she appeared
-The bishop did not believe him after the first appearance and asked for proof
-After the second appearance she made roses grow in the frozen soil
-Juan Diego gathered up the flowers in his cloak and took them to the bishop. When he laid the flowers before him the bishop did not look at the flowers for all he saw was the image of Mary on Juan Diego's cloak

Day Five

Our saint of the day was Blessed Kateri Tekewitha

We made corn bread

Our craft was Indian rain sticks

It was hot and because of the rain last night the Mary Garden was mushy so we sat and passed around different hand made Indian items and ate Popsicles

In music we did a mexican chant about Blessed Kateri

Our story about Blessed Kateri we learned-
-She was a Mohawk Indian
-Orphaned at age 4 (parents and baby brother died of smallpox)
-growing up she wanted to learn more about Christ and became christian like her mother
-she was baptized at the age of 22 and given the name Kateri which is Mohawk for Catherine
-Her christian views were frowned upon by the Mohawk tribe so she left the tribe and traveled over 2 months to the catholic mission of St Francis Xavier
-Kateri's motto became " Who can tell me what is most pleasing thing to God that I may I do it?"
-She made a vow of perpetual virginity so she would remain unmarried and live a life devoted to Christ
-She died at age 24 of small pox and her last words were Jesus I love you.
-Moments after dying all her smallpox were cleared away
-She is still in the process of being canonized a saint

The day was finished off with a Procession lead by St. Joseph and each tribe wearing crowns of the saint they picked for their tribe(Ours was St. Nicholas and Ethan's was St. Rose). We all sang and did the hand motions for When The Saints Go Marching In.

Bye the way way my ankle is feeling much better. After wrapping it,applying ice, and keeping it elevated. I was able to make it through the last two days of bible school. It was a really great week both the boys and I enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. I will definitely be volunteering again next year.

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