Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS DAY THREE and a hurt ankle

Our saint of the day was St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton

We made chocolate chip bread

Our craft was book marks with beads and a Cross at the end

We practiced When The Saints Go Marching In and learned another song in music

Our outside activity just turned into playing on the playground because it was so hot

Our video was a couple different veggie tales movies

In our story about St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton we learned
- She was the first American born saint
- Did not become catholic until after she was married
-Her mom died when she was 3 so she often prayed to the Virgin Mary for motherly guidance
-She started the first catholic school and it was free because most families could not afford to pay
-She founded the sisters of charity which that is the order that run Mount St. Joseph college in Cincinnati
-She died at the age of 42 of tuberculosis

Now the hurt ankle part. While taking 6 boys to the bathroom I managed to fall down a couple steps.I twisted my ankle but it didn't feel to bad. hen when I got home I was walking down my steps at home my ankle gave out and I twisted it again really hurting my ankle. It is wrapped with ice and I am waiting for the swelling to go down a little to get some x rays to determine if it is sprained or if something is broken. It hurts really bad and I can hardley walk. I am really hoping that tomorrow it feels better.


  1. You probably meant Day 3. I almost didn't read it bec. I thought it was yesterday. :-)

    Did u end up getting xrays? What was the official diagnosis?