Sunday, July 12, 2009


For the past year since we moved into this home are finished basement has been the toy room. For the past year of it being a toy room it has been a mess 90% of the time and they don't want to play down there 80% of the time. I am not sure totally why that is except for the facts that 1. who wants to play in a mess 2. Kids always seem to want to be by the adults. I can remember playing in my playroom for hours when I was growing up. What can be better than having an entire room dedicated to toys and ours even comes with a bathroom. Anyway much to my dismay I have decided to try letting them have some of their toys in their rooms. Hopefully this will go over better since they seem to enjoy playing in their rooms. They are also required to straighten up their rooms daily so this should keep the mess to a minimum. I am going to still keep some of the toys down stairs and will problem go through and purge some toys or pack some away. Our thoughts our to put a couch and chairs down there by the tv. We have an air hockey table and a dart board(for adults obvisouly and darts will be secured between uses). It will be a family game room so to speak. Wish me luck!


  1. Raising kids is always a learning experience, isn't it.

  2. I totally have come to the same conclusion about the toys. I don't think playroom in the bsmt. is such a good idea anymore. We don't have room in their rooms for toys, but we just put them away. We're always gone anyway. I do think basements are great for running games, though, when you have people over and need a place to send 'em.