Sunday, July 19, 2009


Jason and I attended a wedding a few nights ago at Dress Pavilion at Devou Park. The ceremony was in the gazebo outside and then the reception was inside immediately following. It has such a beautiful view of the city at night. Anyway as the groom danced with his mother I got to thinking. I am a lucky girl because one day I will get to have three dances when my sons grow up and get married.

I hate how the seasons seem to just run right into each other. Not only speaking of weather but holidays and such. School supplies are already on the shelves and it feels like the kids just started their summer break. Soon I will be purchasing uniforms for two kids and buying crayons, pencils and glue. I think I even saw a Halloween decoration out when I was a the dollar store the other day. Life is in full swing.

While shopping at Kroger's the other day I saw King's Island tickets on sale. I stopped and added up what the cost would be for our family and quickly decided it was to great to spend right now at their ages. The next day when I went into work there was a sign posted that our company picnic was going to be held at King's Island. I was so excited to say the least and hurried to call home and share the news. Jason. Me, Ethan and Jude will be going for the day. I will find a sitter for the younger two since they will not enjoy it as much as us. By the way I am looking for a sitter that day if any of you blog readers are interested.


  1. I saw your message and will get to you as soon as I get dates nailed down for a trip out of town. Will help at least one of those days, i'm sure.

  2. If some will tag team it with me I could help babysit.

  3. Steph, are you not updating anymore, or did I just bookmark one entry? Can't find any more recent posts...

  4. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)